A week before my departure on my planned trip for Heart for Children to visit the foster homes that we sponsor,  my car broke down and left me stranded in town. It really was a quite spectacular breakdown. I have never seen anything like it before. After opening up, we found the whole engine lying in bits and pieces. It needed a whole new cylinder head and, even so, they struggled for two weeks to get the car going again. I think I learned a valuable lesson from this. Most surely, before my departure, we would have prayed for a safe trip, would we not?…. and most surely God must have heard this prayer before it was said, not so? So, even though we don’t like it when bad things happens to us, especially when it also involves a lot of expense, looking back now, I am sure now that all of this happened for a reason. Imagine me having stood there somewhere in the middle of the country, instead of just in the middle of town, with a broken down car? You can easily become a victim of more than just a broken down car, never mind the extra towing costs and relocation expenses.
This whole story reminded me of what my grandmother always used to say. You see, she taught me never to say ‘I will do’ ..this or that, but to always start my sentence by saying, “Lord willing, and if we live”, I will or I want to “…. It is something that I still have always in and on my mind, when I do announce my plans, but now in this case, I have to admit that I did forget to mention it in my Christmas letter (see my previous post)  :

News letter Chistmas 2017: Your bread on the water!

Anyway, I was able to postpone my trip to the beginning of March when my wife will also be able to get leave from her work and travel together with me. It is always best to travel with 2 persons.

So, just remind yourself, before you say: “I will ” ….

……to always please remember my grandmother’s important teaching!!


Best wishes,




Lord willing, and if we live….

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