It is simple, really. It is warmer during the day than during the night because of the sun. It is warmer in summer than it is in winter because of the sun. So, more than likely, following simple logic, would you not say that if it is warmer now on earth than it was 100 years ago, it must also be because of the sun?

I have a bit of a discussion going on with the presenters of the program on RSG called “Hoe verklaar jy dit” [How do you explain this?] and some of the arguments given to me/us on why it is that man must be warming the planet is the observation of the melting of glaciers in Europe, and ice, mainly on Greenland and in the Arctic.

In response, I have asked them:

In this case, how do you explain that whole villages that were established in Greenland by the Vikings more than 1000 years ago are only now becoming visible due to the current melting of the ice? The implied question is of course: Does this not simply prove that it was warmer /naturally/ in Greenland 1000 years than what it is now?

I also asked: As far as the melting of glaciers is concerned, [this seems to be more apparent in the northern hemisphere], how do you explain that most of the glaciers in the SH are now growing? [note that my data set shows cooling in the southern hemisphere compared to warming in the northern hemisphere]

At the same time I challenged them to do a precise statistical analysis of weather stations in South Africa that have reliable daily data going back at least 40 years, just like I have done.

I have also asked the same thing from the writers who put together the new climate act. In my submission I showed my findings that the temperature over the past 40 years and rainfall over the past 90 years in South Africa has not really changed:

The easy-to-understand conclusion from all my investigations as reported here:

is that there is no man-made climate change, or by my results, it is simply so small so as to be imperceptible compared to the natural factors at work.

I immigrated into South Africa in 1976 and amongst a number of things that I remember from that time is that it was drought time here, just like about now. I recall that all the people in church and on radio asked us/me to pray for rain. Coming from Holland where it is mostly rainy every day, I had found this somewhat strange: In the Netherlands we would pray rather for sunshine if you wanted a beautiful day, not rain….
With the current drought time, I notice of course that those on radio and TV do not ask to pray for rain [anymore]. They just “explain” that the drought time is due to man made climate change; hence, the lack of rain is actually simply your own fault….
I remember that Jesus asks us in Luke 18: will He still find faith at the time when He comes back? [that point in time basically corresponds with the end of earth and all life on earth as we know it – when you die time stands still until the recreation of the universe]

[something more about drought times in a future post]


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