We trust that you are still well and experiencing God’s blessings every day. The aim of Crystal Cathedral Ministries  South Africa (CCMSA)  is to advance the Christian faith, for public benefit, through ministering to all people, by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by broadcasting Christian television programs. First of all: we would like to request your feedback on our current broadcasting on CapeTV. Please give us your honest opinion: Are you still enjoying the programs that we broadcast (every Sunday at 12h00 and every Thursday at 05h30) and is CapeTV (ch 263) a channel that you can easily tune into? Please let us know what you think.

If you would like to read our Memorandum of Association (“Constitution”), click on the link below:


I think the message of this song accurately reflects the reason for our association:


Dear Jesus, you came 2000 years ago and you are coming again.

Today I am saying ‘Yes” to your call. 

I will do anything and everything you ask of me.

Use me as you see fit. I am willing.

Thank you for your promises that allow me to live

 forever with you. I love you Lord.





Remember, we have a special CD of classical music like what we heard in the old Crystal Cathedral many years ago, i.e. different compositions of the well known hymns. What a pleasure it is listening to this music when you are feeling uptight about something or facing a traffic jam. Must have been one of my first lessons that I learned in Sunday school, namely that music calms your mind and touches your soul, e.g. you remember David playing music for King Saul – calmed the mind of the King?

We will send this CD as a free gift to all regular donors of CCMSA and Heart for Children and of course we will also send it to any new donors who make a contribution this year. Just ask! 

Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA (CCM SA) is registered as a non-profit organization (Section 21 co.) reg.no. 2006/08815/08. Our Banking details are: FNB Cheque acc. no. 62100887118, branch 252-645, or for internet banking you must use 250-655. We will provide you with a receipt, if and when required, as soon as we have received your gift. Regular monthly contributions are preferred so that we can plan for our airtime on TV.

We wish you a blessed day!

Henry and Annette Pool

     Cell.: 0836297690

Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA  

Tel. 012 804 3469 Fax. 086 5489449 | henrypool7@gmail.com  

Bank: FNB, Account name: Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA, Branch 250-645 or 250-655, Cheque acount no.: 62100887118




Watch Wintley Phipps explain to us about Amazing Grace…..










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It is Friday, but SUNDAY is coming!@!!!


Don’t miss Nick Vuijic!

Rev 21:25 And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.

I found knowing that Heaven’s gates are open wide, for anyone wanting to enter at any time, makes it a little bit easier for me to bring this news to you. I am truly sad to have to inform you that due to the financial circumstances, we, i.e. the directors of Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA (CCMSA), decided to end our programming on TV.
So, unless our financial situation drastically improves soon, we will stop our broadcasts on CapeTV sometime during this winter. However, the good news is that we will continue carry on broadcasting the ‘Crystal Cathedral Classics’ via our YouTube channel “Bread on the Water”! You can easily access these programs via the internet by visiting the page you are currently visiting, namely


To watch episodes of the Hour of Power on the internet, you can go to the HourofPower.org website, where you must visit the episodes page,
Let me know if you have any problems viewing the programs on the internet?
There is indeed no cost of running our broadcasts via the internet, but we do still have some expenses to keep the office running, as I am sure you will understand. However, if the financial support for CCMSA remains at the level as it was from the beginning of the year, there could be a small surplus every month due to us not having to pay for any broadcasting costs. The directors have therefore decided that we should ask the members and donors of CCMSA if they would agree that if there is any surplus on the CCMSA account, this money then be transferred to the Heart for Children account so that it can be used to help more orphaned and abandoned children.
If all members and donors of CCMSA could please write to me to let me know if they agree with this procedure? If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you agree with our modus operandi, i.e. that any surplus at CCMSA will be transferred to the Heart for Children foundation.
During our recent trip to visit some of the children’s homes that Heart for Children NL + SA is supporting, we noticed that the needs are greater now than ever before. Reports on the radio also suggest that there is indeed a worrisome increase in the number of babies that are left abandoned. We suspect that due to the poor economy more of the younger single mothers, who probably can barely look after themselves, abandon their children in desperation. Surely, these children that are now alone in the world need our attention? If we don’t do anything, who will?
I am sure you remember that last year our Heart for Children foundation received some funding from Hart voor Kinderen NL and R10000 from the My Most Beautiful competition. All of this was used from the beginning of this year to start helping the King’s Children Home near East London with a monthly donation of R6000 for baby food and nappies and other supplies. This home provides a temporary place of safety for babies and young children who are victims of abandonment, abuse and neglect. If you would like to see the reaction of Tracy King giving thanks to our help for this safe home, just watch the video on this page:

Heart for Children

As a special project this year, we have again asked for the help from MyMostBeautiful, but we now also need some special help from all of you!!! Namely, for the Rehoboth children’s village near Port Shepstone. They take care of about 80 children of which 75% are HIV positive. These are usually the type of children that nobody really wants, not even for adoption…. I hope you understand why we want to help them? 5 of the 16 homes are sponsored every month by Heart for Children in the Netherlands. Heart for Children (South Africa) is also considering sponsoring one of their homes in the future, if our finances will permit this. For immediate help:
1) we noticed that they need new fridges and washing machines as the ones they now have are very old and worn.
Perhaps for later:
2) we noticed that they have a good source of spa water and they already started a bottling company. (make: Flourish spring water). The young adults that grew up in the village are at work in this plant and it provides the village with some real income to keep them going. However, many of the customers are requesting sparkling water as well, and so, to expand their operation, they need a carbonizing plant to be able to also provide the sparkling spa ‘red’
To help the Rehoboth Children’s village we ask you to consider making an (extra?) donation to Heart for Children with the mention of the word: Rehoboth, together with your surname in the reference line.
I am sure I mentioned it already that Annette will be retiring at the end of June 2018 and she decided that she will also come over and help Heart for Children as a volunteer. Her main function will be to find more donors, both businesses and private individuals. I include our business cards with our contact details in this newsletter. Would you please contact her and tell us if you know of any businesses or people who might be interested in making donations to Heart for Children? To have referred contacts will make our work a bit easier as often people do not trust just anyone who contacts them to give something to a charity. Note that both Annette and me will be doing this work Pro Deo, i.e. no income, as we are pensioners. All that we want to do is to help more children. Like I said, we can see that the need is very great. Please call her or just send her an SMS with the name and number of the person or business who might be interested in giving help for the children!
I had some problems with my computer and as a result I lost my groups that I used to send a bulk SMS. Concerning our donors and supporters, I did have a backup of the cell numbers in another program. However, for our Prayer group (ca. 90 people) I did not have a back-up. Could I therefore ask all of you who were in our SMS prayer group to just contact me and let me know your name and number? Also, for those of you who have recently changed your cell phone number, could you please contact us and let us know your new number? That would be great.
Many thanks to each of you for your faithful support to the ministries! We hope and pray that you will continue to make a regular monthly contribution. We include the receipts and tax certificates for this year. Please let us know if you find that something is not correct or if there are any anomalies.

Wishing you God’s richest blessings,

Henry and Annette Pool

Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA (CCM SA) is registered as a non-profit organization (Section 21 co.) reg.no. 2006/08815/08. Our Banking details are: FNB Cheque acc. no. 62100887118, branch 252-645, or for internet banking you must use 250-655. We will provide you with a receipt, if and when required, as soon as we have received your gift. Regular monthly contributions are preferred so that we can plan for our airtime on TV.

Cell.: 0836297690 (Henry), 0834696875 (Annette)
Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA
Tel. 012 804 3469 Fax. 086 5489449 | henrypool7@gmail.com

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