The goal of the Heart for Children  foundation is to give orphans and abandoned and vulnerable children, whose living conditions without caring parents are very difficult, a chance for a better life.

This is done through the offering of shelter, food, clothing and education within a family situation created around the child. Here is our latest news:

(News letter 15.11. 2017)

Please see our new promotional below (It is only 2 minutes)


My heart is warmed by the fact that the long term trend for income of our Heart for Children  foundation is going up. MMBOnline, more widely known as, recently had a baby competition and Heart for Children received R10000 from the proceeds received by MMB Online from that competition. Isn’t that great? We are so thankful for this! Put together, and if the general uptrend holds, this really means that we must be getting ready to be setting up a few more foster homes in 2018!

I have therefore planned a road trip from 25/11/2017 until 07/12/2017 to visit all 20 foster homes that HartVoorKinderen /Heart for Children is currently supporting, to get a new overview and to determine where the need is greatest. Whilst I started planning this and I already had the thought in my mind that I could not really visit all these children coming empty handed we received a gift of toys for the children, from the company Spanjaard Ltd. in Wynberg. Is it not wonderful that when we respond to God’s call, He always confirms it by making sure in detail that you get everything you need?

Heart for Children is registered as a public benefit organization reg. no. PBO 930030392. Your contributions are tax deductible.

Our Banking details are:

Heart for Children, FNB Cheque acc. no. 62215969116, branch 252-445, or for internet banking use 250-655. We will provide you with a certificate of payment if and when required as soon as we have received your gift. Regular monthly contributions are preferred so that we can plan for the number of foster homes that we want to support.

Wishing you God’s richest blessings,

Henry Pool

PO Box 912887, Silverton, 0127

Tel. 0128043469, Cel. 0836297690, E-mail:

If you want to interact with me or Annette personally, it is best to try and visit Henry’s Blog on

Any monthly contribution a person can make, no matter how small, will be much appreciated. Remember, all donations made to Heart for Children are tax deductible. Please ask us (!!) for any tax certificate that you did not receive or that you lost. 

From us: lots of love, kisses and hugs!!


Heart for Children is a non-profit organization. Just charity!

We have combined Heart for Children with the office of CCMSA to keep our administration cost to the minimum and we therefore comply with the strict conditions to be registered as a public benefit organization, PBO no. 930 030 392. Hence, your contributions are tax deductible!

We will appreciate any donation.


Henry Pool

     Cell.: 0836297690

Tel. 012 8043469    Fax. 086 5489449


Bank: FNB, Account name: Heart for Children, Branch 252-445 or 250-655,

Cheque account no.: 62215969116



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