The goal of the Heart for Children  foundation is to give orphans and abandoned and vulnerable children, whose living conditions without caring parents are very difficult, a chance for a better life.

This is done through the offering of shelter, food, clothing and education within a family situation created around the child. For more information, please go to

Here is our latest news

(Easter news letter 13.03. 2017)

Well, the good news is that we made up for more than the R4000 per month that we had recently lost. Thanks be to God for hearing our prayers and to all of you for your extra contributions, and a special welcome to all the new people that started making donations!

In fact, one of our HfC directors has challenged me now to try and attract some more donations so that we can sponsor an extra house with children. Would that not be great? Can I count on your assistance again? We include two stickers for you giving you Heart for Children’s contact & banking details. My thinking is that if all new donors (and maybe the old donors as well) can ask one of their friends to also consider making a regular monthly contribution, we should definitely be able to make it to sponsoring another house. Please show again your heart for children! Any monthly contribution a person can make, no matter how small, will be much appreciated. Remember, all donations made to Heart for Children are tax deductible. We include the annual relevant tax certificate for all our donors with this newsletter. Please keep this for when you do your tax return later in the year. Please ask us (!!) for any tax certificate that you did not receive or that you lost.

From us: lots of love, kisses and hugs!!


Heart for Children is a non-profit organization. Just charity!

We have combined Heart for Children with the office of CCMSA to keep our administration cost to the minimum and we therefore comply with the strict conditions to be registered as a public benefit organization, PBO ref no. 930 030 392. Hence, your contributions are tax deductible!

We will appreciate any donation.

Calendars 2017 

I hope you all received our 2017 calendar? If not, please let me know. I still have a few left. I noted that there were a quite a number of calendars again that disappeared in the mail. In fact, I think it was a lot worse than previous years. Seems like more people feel entitled to take what does not belong to them? Let us pray that God will bless the people that pinched them. Cannot think of any reason why they would not be blessed by it as we had mostly positive reactions about the calendars. Some complained about the smaller size. On the other hand, there were also quite a few people who liked the smaller size. What must we do a next time…..perhaps take the average of the two sizes? I am so sorry about the 14th of February, which accidently disappeared from the calendar. I remember we had been thinking about naming it ‘I love you day’ rather than ‘Valentines day’ but we got stuck there and in the end we forgot all about it.

Must say, most people liked it that we had used our own pictures (in the month October you can see my wife and her sister-in-law pointing to the rainbow that appeared in the water falls). That made me start thinking: how about doing the next calendar with one or more of your favorite holiday pictures? Isn’t that a great idea? …..let me know if you can help us? (Pictures must be of good quality).

Easter Giveaway

We have a special CD of classical music similar to what we heard in the old Crystal Cathedral many years ago. What a pleasure it is listening to this music when you are feeling uptight about something or facing a traffic jam. Must have been one of my first lessons that I learned in Sunday school, namely that music calms your mind and touches your soul, e.g. you remember David playing music for King Saul – calmed the mind of the King? We will be including this CD in this newsletter as a free gift to all regular donors of CCMSA and Heart for Children and of course we will also send it to any new donors who make a contribution this year.

Happy Easter!!

May you and your family be greatly blessed as you celebrate the true meaning of Easter, from the reflection of Good Friday to the Joy of Easter Sunday and the promise of eternal life. If you are travelling during the holiday period, we pray that God’s presence go with you, wherever you go.

Henry Pool

     Cell.: 0836297690

Tel. 012 8043469    Fax. 086 5489449


Bank: FNB, Account name: Heart for Children, Branch 252-445 or 250-655,

Cheque account no.: 62215969116



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