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As reported before – see also the above video, it seems that the malaria medicine HydroxyChloroquin is mentioned as a cure for Covid 19 if taken with zinc as soon as possible after diagnosis. Unfortunately, it was also mentioned by president Trump and then the matter became rather political. Not only that, but it seems that there is also a powerful lobby from the big pharmaceuticals to keep away from the medicine, presumably – I think –  because it is very old (no patents!) and would bring little or no profits to them. They are quoting dubious results – and totally misquoting good reports and also exaggerating the side effects. I became aware of this controversy a few weeks ago, so I stayed away from it to see what would happen next. However today’s report from a Brazilian physician made me decide to report on it on my blog as well. I am giving the link to the report and would ask you to draw your own conclusions. [remember this must have been translated from Portuguese]