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As I informed you before [see “What to do with Covid 19 (1) & (2)], there have many people from all over the world  reporting to have been cured of Covid 19 due to taking the anti malaria drug HydroxyChloroquin (HCQ) taking in combination  with zinc and an anti-biotic. However, the use of the medicine became controversial when Lancet published this paper:


Essentially, it said:

In summary, this multinational, observational, real-world study of patients with COVID-19 requiring hospitalisation found that the use of a regimen containing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine (with or without a macrolide) was associated with no evidence of benefit, but instead was associated with an increase in the risk of ventricular arrhythmias and a greater hazard for in-hospital death with COVID-19. These findings suggest that these drug regimens should not be used outside of clinical trials and urgent confirmation from randomised clinical trials is needed. End quote.

Note my surprise when I heard today that Lancet has retracted this paper, saying that it cannot vouch for their sources and data for its paper……


I think what this means is that the use of HCQ is now acknowledged officially as a possible cure for Covid-19!

More about this scandal and who is to blame for it, here, in ScienceMag: