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In the interest of bringing an end to load-shedding, please pass this message on to the relevant powers-that-be!

There are good signs that the price of gas is coming down and that prices in future will be stabilising around the values as shown in the picture. Source of the picture: https://timera-energy.com/european-gas-prices-drop-to-pre-war-lows/

Gas powered power stations are apparently definitely cheaper now than wind energy. Source:

Gas-Fired Power Is Now Cheaper Than Offshore Wind Again | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (wordpress.com)

There is currently a scarcity of solar panels in the world market and with both sun and wind there are also problems with the supply of certain parts and batteries. 

The burning of gas for power is pure: CH4 + 3O2 = > 2H2O + CO2.

Therefore, with gas there is no need to remove sulphur or sulphurous compounds.  That means that the old coal fired power stations that do not have the sulphur swiping ability  DO NOT HAVE TO BE SCRAPPED. In my opinion they could still be used and MODIFIED to work with gas rather than coal. A gas-powered power station does not have the problem like that of the coal fired power stations where you have to build a system to remove sulphurous compounds. When viewed in units of energy, gas has a 50% saving in the emission of CO2 compared to coal-fired power stations.