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I have nothing…….

You will recall that in our newsletter at the beginning of this year,
I had asked to pray for rain. I must tell you: just after publishing that newsletter [in the beginning of February], we had a week’s holiday at a resort near to the Kruger Park, where my mother-in-law has a time share week. As we went to pick her up in Roodepoort and indeed, all the way to Malelane, I was stunned by the downpour. Many times, I had to slow down the car to a snail’s pace because of the poor visibility due to the rain. The amount of water coming down on us was truly very big. I said: Is it not amazing, what the prayer of 300 people can do….! It also reminded me of a movie that I watched many, many years ago. It was called “Jacob’s Ladder”. Pity I cannot find it on the internet. It was a black and white movie, so it probably lies somewhere forgotten in a corner. In one of the scenes – where it was clear that the people had also been experiencing drought time, and had asked God for help – the congregation spontaneously thanked God with a beautiful song, after it had rained… Needless to say, that as we drove along, some of the words and even the tune of the song came back to me: ‘Didn’t it rain, children? Rain, all night long!! Didn’t -heh!!-didn’t heh!! – didn’t it rain all night long???” Yesterday, somebody phoned in at a radio program reporting that due to the rain in Kimberley, the town looked like Durban. Isn’t that wonderful? I had thought to myself: God is here, God is good!
This morning, watching the news, I was horrified by the reports of the death toll from all over the world due to the corona virus. In New York and many other places, they were short of everything that is needed to help the victims of the disease. Apparently, their biggest need is health care workers….. I felt that helplessness that Gideon must have felt when facing the might of the enemy. Namely, the big problem here is that there is no real cure for Covid 19. Health care workers are risking their own life, and indeed, would you be willing to do it, if you were asked to step in? It was also reported that many doctors have died as a result of the virus. And, even now, the reality is that all assistance anyone can give to the victims is limited. Many spend their last hours on earth in the hospitals without any family or friends nearby. For a moment I felt hopeless and depressed. But then I remembered: the “I have nothing [to give, to help]” is exactly the point where we must turn to Him (Luke 11:6)? God is here. God is good. We can pray! Are you with me?
Can we all pray and ask God that a cure will be found soon?
Henry Pool
Annette Pool