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Pray for rain!

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:1-3

First, I wish you a very healthy and blessed 2020! We trust that you had a good festive season with your loved ones and that all is well with you and your family.

Seeing the effects of the drought all around, I really hope and pray for rain this year! See my article on the right.  

Bread on the Water

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The earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord! (Ps. 24:1)

I immigrated to South Africa in 1976 when it was drought time, just like it is now. I remember everyone asking people on radio and TV and in churches to pray for rain for the farmers. Coming from Holland, where it is raining almost every day, I had found this somewhat strange. I was rather enjoying the sunshine! Today, the situation is again much the same: many farmers are having a tough time. Yet, no one in the media is asking you to pray for rain anymore. One is simply told that the droughts and the resulting fires, shortage of water, etc. are due to man-made climate change. Hence, the ‘bad’ weather is simply your own fault……

Must say: I do recall Jesus making a specific point to all his disciples [with Him in a bad storm on a boat] to say that He (God) is [also] always in control of the weather!!? (Luke 8:24-25). On reading that story again, it appears that we can always pray to God [in faith] asking Him to change the weather…!

Having learned of all the intricacies of the weather – namely, for example, how God has put several brakes in place so that it does not get either too hot or too warm – I have come to appreciate any type of weather, as ‘good’ (coming from God). Even if the weather gets so bad that it destroys life in its wake, I always know that God still is in control. Often you find that even ‘bad’ weather opens doors for new life to begin. Join the discussions about this and related issues on “Henry’s Blog’, website: www.breadonthewater.co.za

By e-mail we received this message from Robert Anthony Schuller:

There is Power in the name of Jesus. He was in the beginning with God. Everything that has ever been made was made by Him. Through Him, we find our power; power to break our chains of fear, hatred, discouragement, depression and any other mountain we may face. With His power, we can hear our chains fall and experience a renewed life.’
This is so true! Hence, we decided to do some re-runs from the services in the Crystal Cathedral going back to the time when Dr. R.A. Schuller started preaching there! Note that you can watch the broadcasting of these services via our ‘Breadonthewater’ Youtube channel. To watch, simply visit www.breadonthewater.co.za and choose the CCMSA page. The latest broadcast is now always on top. Many thanks to all of you who continue to give financial support to Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA as it really enables us to keep the office here running!

And, yes, indeed, I do still have hope that one day we will be back broadcasting on TV again!

Funds to renovate the safe house

Many thanks to all of you who responded to our request for extra funds to renovate the safe house in Koraalstr 7, Jeffreys Bay. A special word of thanks goes to John and Peggy in Northcliff and Monique of the MyMostBeautiful competition.

So far, we have received about R30000!!! This really compares favourable with our previous special effort. You will recall the time when we collected R26000 for new appliances for the Rehoboth Children’s Village in Port Shepstone (see picture right).

I am sure you will all remember that a first quote we received for the renovations at this house (picture left) came to R279000. Knowing that it would be difficult to find this level of support from private individuals, we approached many businesses and organizations asking for help. Indeed, initially I had hoped that either the Dischem Foundation or Investec would help us. I was disappointed. Nevertheless, I now have my hopes up that our application for R250000 at the NLC (Lottery) might be successful.

We have submitted strong motivations, such as the amount that we already raised ourselves (!) plus one from Hart voor Kinderen in the Netherlands (HvK NL), giving a guarantee of at least five years’ monthly financial support to the house! (HvK NL has six Dutch ‘parents’ who have each ‘adopted’ a child in this house). Unfortunately, there is some red tape now that is holding up our application. For example, it appears that although permission was given by the Department of Social Development for the running of the home, it appears they never issued the relevant certificate, as yet. Obviously, moves are afoot to get all the relevant paperwork in place now, but I am sure you will understand that we must be patient and wait until we have all the requested documents. Can we all pray for this? I will keep you informed and let you know what happens!

Hart voor Kinderen

Hart voor Kinderen” in the Netherlands and Heart for Children (SA) are currently involved with 21 foster homes in South Africa, affecting the lives of almost 120 children! They receive regular monthly assistance from us to cover basics such as food, clothing and schooling. Truly, we do so wish to see that this support for these children in the foster homes continues and, if possible, we would like to expand our aid. Despite the current downturn in the economic situation, we hope and pray that you will be faithful in giving us your financial assistance to enable us to continue our work.

Please note that Heart for Children is an approved public benefit organization,

PBO No. 930 030 392.

All income and distribution to welfare projects [i.e foster homes] is audited every year and this means that your contributions to Heart for Children are tax deductible! Note that we value and appreciate each contribution you can afford to make.

The bank details are: Heart for Children, FNB Cheque acc. no 6221 5969 116 (transfer code 250655).

Many thanks for your support!
We wish you God’s richest blessings,

Henry en Annette Pool


Giving orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children a chance for a better life

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