It is simple, really. It is warmer during the day than during the night because of the sun. It is warmer in summer than it is in winter because of the sun. So, following simple logic, would you not say that if it is warmer now on earth than it was 100 years ago, it must also be because of the sun?

Did you ever wonder how it was possible for Joseph to accurately explain Farao’s dream and correctly predict drought time?  I am willing to bet that there was some science involved in it….and I don’t think that would make the miracle of Joseph’s ascend into greatness any less. The Egyptians were known for keeping an eye on the level of the river Nile and it seems possible to me that the prison that Joseph ended up at, may have been at or near to the Nile river. If so, then it seems  probable that Joseph was in charge of making the measurements of the height of the Nile as well as having access to old records. That could have given him all the clues he needed…..

Namely, there is a report about this from 1985 by William Arnold. [This was of course before they started with the nonsense that climate change is caused by a completely innocent trace gas, carbon dioxide].

If you turn to page 9, you will note that William predicted the river Nile to be at a minimum in 1990. I looked at this from 3 completely different angles. I have re-calculated this date and in all 3 cases I came to a date of 1995 or close. This was by looking at

  1.  My own statistical analysis of all daily data from 54 weather stations from all around the world.
  2.  The solar polar magnetic field strengths.
  3.  The position of certain planets.

You will understand that over the past few decades many dams and irrigation systems have been installed in the Nile and this of course will interfere with the measurement of the level of river Nile as it now stands. However, the principle remains the same, namely that there will be periods of more or less rain around the equator due to a decrease or increase in the intensity of a certain type of radiation from the sun. We are now moving toward a period of much more rain around the equator. A logical consequence of this is that there will be less rain and clouds available for the higher latitudes. Hence, one reason for me to predict droughts on the higher latitudes.

There are in fact quite a few scientists all over the world who have identified a number of cycles ruling the sun, and its varying radiation intensity over time to earth [via the atmosphere]. In 2014 we have started a new Gleissberg cycle. Normally this cycle is around 87 years but it can vary upward by a few years. By my calculations, we can expect major droughts in America and Europe on the higher latitudes starting from just about right now. The Dust Bowl drought 1932-1939 was one of the worst environmental disasters of the Twentieth Century anywhere in the world. Three million people left their farms on the Great Plains during the drought and half a million migrated to other states, almost all to the West. The main problem is that this very same area is currently counted as the bread basket of the whole world, largely determining the price of wheat… 87 years earlier we had a similar problem in the USA, the drought time apparently being linked to one of the causes of the decimation of the Bison….

There is also evidence of serious drought time in Virginia in 1755 causing the government to take some special actions on taxation….

If you follow my reasoning, we can assume major food shortages in the world in the decade to come……due to natural climate change, not man-made climate change…In fact, by the end of the next decade, the breadbasket of NA could simply be wiped out completely.

Except my own investigations, which clearly revealed a 87 year Gleissberg cycle, there are also other recent comprehensive studies that showed this cycle, namely the ‘persistence of the Gleissberg 88-year solar cycle over the last 12,000 years: Evidence from cosmogenic isotopes’:

and a simple conceptual model to interpret the 100 000 years dynamics of paleo-climate records showing the Gleissberg cycle at 86.5 years – which closely corresponds with my own measurements of the current GB cycle:

For those amongst you who are older: you might remember these older reports that are probably all hidden away now somewhere due to censorship

Note that even here there are at least 2 reports mentioning a 90 year cycle for droughts in north America…..

Let me know what you think!!


Generally speaking, I am actually quite happy to leave all people in their ignorance about climate science if it were not for the fact that the issue is beginning to affect my own pocket, i.e. via my tax bill.

Following the results of the analyses of various ice cores,

I started to become a bit sceptical of the so-called ‘man made climate change’ (AGW).

If you have some time, just read the above linked article to give you some perspective. It will make you think differently about climate.

Since that time, some nine years ago, I have been investigating AGW as a hobby and although I started off as a believer, I became more and more sceptical of any-and-all of the so-called  man-made climate change as more and more results of my investigations looked completely opposite and different as to what one would expect if the theory of AGW were true…

I immigrated into South Africa in 1976 and amongst a number of things that I remember from that time is that it was drought time here, just like about now. I recall that all the people in church and on radio asked us/me to pray for rain. Coming from Holland where it is mostly rainy every day, I had found this somewhat strange: In the Netherlands we would pray rather for sunshine if you wanted a beautiful day, not rain….
With the current drought time, I notice of course that those on radio and TV do not ask to pray for rain [anymore]. They just “explain” that the drought time is due to ‘man made’ climate change;

…..hence, the lack of rain is simply your own fault….

I have a bit of a discussion going on with the presenters of the program on RSG called “Hoe verklaar jy dit” [How do you explain this?] and some of the arguments given to me/us on why it is that man must be warming the planet is the observation of the melting of glaciers in Europe, and ice, mainly on Greenland and in the Arctic.

In response to the RSG programme, I pointed out that generally speaking, ice has been melting for the past 20000 years, and if this had not happened would life exist as we know it today?

I also asked them:
In the case of Greenland, how do you explain that whole villages that were established in Greenland by the Vikings more than 1000 years ago are only now becoming visible due to the current melting of the ice? The implied question is of course: Does this not simply prove that it was warmer naturally in Greenland, a 1000 years  ago, than what it is now?

Then I asked:  As far as the melting of glaciers is concerned, [this seems to be more apparent in the northern hemisphere], how do you explain that most of the glaciers in the southern hemisphere (SH) are now growing? [note that my own data set shows no warming in the SH compared to warming in the NH]


Interestingly, at the end of the 16th century, one of my forefathers, Willem Barentz, went looking for a passage to the east via the north. He must have read somewhere from ancient Norse writings that such a passage existed. Sadly, he and crew died trying to find it. Hence, we still have the Barentz Sea, up there in the Arctic. So, there is strong anecdotal evidence that a thousand years ago, the arctic was largely ice free, or almost ice free, or just like it is now. Willem would not have risked his own life and that of his crew unless he was sure about that passage.
Isn’t it funny, how the world changes in 400 years….meaning we now don’t want that passage to the east via the north anymore – not even just to discover it – like Willem wanted to find it
….how dumb is that, actually?
So, anyway, not to worry when you see less ice in the arctic. We have been there, done all that.

I challenge anyone to do a precise statistical analysis of weather stations in South Africa that have reliable daily data going back at least 40 years, just like I have done. In fact I asked the same thing from the writers who put together the new proposed climate act  here in South Africa. In my submission I showed my findings that the temperature over the past 40 years and rainfall over the past 90 years in South Africa has not really changed:

The easy-to-understand conclusion from all my investigations as shown in my final report below:

is that there is no man-made climate change, or by my results, it is simply so small so as to be imperceptible compared to the natural factors at work.

The question that remains now is what is behind all the disinformation, the lies and the misrepresentations about AGW, i.e man-made climate change, and who is really wanting it to continue, despite many observations proving the opposite. I wonder if the answer is locked in this article here:

i.e. that there really should be one world government aimed to solve ‘our’ problem of ‘man made climate change’. You will recall of course that food inflation was one of the reasons why Hitler came to power: people had to bring a wheel barrow full of money [Marks], just to buy some bread…..

I remember this story that at one stage or another Albert Einstein was interviewed by a number of journalists on one of his theories. I cannot remember now what it was about. However, one of the journalists told him that he could bring a 100 scientists who disagreed with ‘his’ theory, whatever it was that they had been discussing.  It is said that Einstein looked at him, surprised and a bit puzzled, and then said: ‘Why bring 100? One would be enough?’

Please note that I am not saying that I am as great as Einstein was. I am just saying that we cannot have an ‘election’ about science. It is simply a matter of how we measure and what we find…