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This book came about from thoughts that I had on a number of issues that happened to be important to me at a specific time for one or more particular reason. From several conversations I had it occurred to me that there are many people who view the Bible with some suspicion because of certain contradictions they had observed. I felt that this could cast doubt on Christianity. It might also lead to a situation, where, if no proper guidance is given by the Church, the individual Christian then interprets the Bible as he or she sees fit, depending on his or her preference. The main question then became: Does God speak to different people saying contradictory things? It was with this in mind that I kept record of situations in my life where I was forced to go back to Jesus, to see exactly what He had said on the matter. I had to see if what He had said would in any way be different to what I personally already had accepted as the truth, by my own conscience, if you like, or by the grace of His Spirit in me, as is now my personal belief. Concerning this quest, I must submit that I have not found any contradictions in anything that Jesus said, nor have I found any reason to doubt Him because of what He said.

I thought the results of my investigations important enough to put them on paper and to share them with anyone interested. I do not claim that all that I say or what I have concluded from Jesus’ words has never been said or heard before. I just wanted to put all the wisdom that we have of Him that was important to me together in one publication. If someone then asks me again: “Why do you believe in Christ?” I can give him this book and say: “This is why I trust Him, you will find all my reasons and arguments in here.”

This book is not a comprehensive study of Jesus’ life and work. On the contrary, I think it covers only a small part of it. What I hope is that the reading will inspire you, the reader, to have a close look again at all the words from God. I am sure that you too will acknowledge that this does shape our lives. Most of the quotations from the Bible were taken from the New International Version of the Bible, abbreviated: “NIV”. During the reading of this book you might want to keep a Bible handy in case you want to check me up on the cross-references.

May God bless you as we look together at some of Jesus’ words and actions, especially those where He seemed to be making an effort to ensure that what He said and did, would not be forgotten. I pray that the reading of this book may bring love and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Henry Pool , Silverton,  April 1995


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