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“I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly “  (John 10: 10)

When Jim Wallis studied at the seminaries of the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago,  he executed an experiment with his classmates. They went through all the 66 Books of the Bible and highlighted the verses about poverty, wealth, fairness, justice and suppression. One of Jims fellow students took a scissors and cut all those verses from the Bible. The result was a battered book that almost fell apart. And when Jim spoke about these topics he showed his broken Bible and said: ‘Brothers and sisters, this is our Bible … full of holes.

According to the Poverty and Justice Bible (British and Foreign Bible Society) there are two thousand verses in the Scriptures that are about poverty and injustice.

Jesus’ mission meant more then salvation only. The Kingdom that he proclaimed was  also about helping the sick and the poor, about social and biblical fairness and the battle against injustice in our world. The gospel was a reality of the heart first, and later, by the influence of the disciples, more widely meant to look after the lowliest and less fortunate. (Matthew 25:40)

His expectations for those who want to follow Him need to be followed by heart, hand and feet. And He just has no other body on earth except yours… No other hands except yours,  and no other feet except yours.      

Impulse for the day: please think about how your eyes can express Jesus’ compassion for the world in need; how you can use your feet to do good or how you can use your hands to bless others TODAY?