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Spring is here!

Well, no doubt 2020 turned out to be quite something different than what most of us had expected at the beginning, I am sure. The latest figures for Corona are still looking good, so let us pray that it stays that way. Just to be sure, please: let us still be careful and take the necessary precautions when going out. Especially, I would avoid crowded places such as shops and malls and spaces that are not well ventilated. For those of you interested: Whether a place is well ventilated or not can be easily monitored with a simple CO2 meter. Perhaps, investing in a meter like that is a good idea for churches, malls, shops, etc.

You will recall that due to the COVID 19  crisis, we had agreed to hand out R2000 extra help for each of the (20) safe homes and foster homes currently supported by Heart for Children / Hart Voor Kinderen.

In addition to this, we also made contributions totaling R20000 for food parcels that were distributed to families in need by Home-from-Home (CapeTown), Rehoboth (PortShepstone) and Victory4All (Humansdorp), respectively. Note the attached pictures! Many thanks to all of you who made this possible; a special word of thanks to Laurence, John and Dan!  

Wishing you all God’s richest blessings:

Henry and Annette Pool 

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Where do the youth go when they turn 18?

The Children’s legislative framework only provides for the care of a child up to the age of 18. This means that a safe house/ foster home/orphanage only qualifies for financial support for a foster/orphaned child until they turn 18. It also means that foster homes and/or orphanages can only provide a home for a child until they turn 18 After turning 18, a child is on his/her own. An extension is only possible if the child is still studying. The intention is that such a youth should receive the support of a family. Most often, the only home such a youth knows is the foster home/orphanage with the consequence that the youth lands up in the streets.  

Heart for Children believes that the care for youth from foster homes/orphanages should continue after they turn 18. A good concept of such care is that of Echo Youth on the move. See here:  


They have established several houses across the country where youth between the ages of 18 and 24 can find a home and the necessary care. Heart for Children would love to establish a house on the same concept to provide a home to youth. What do you think? We will keep you updated on this new and visionary project that we want to embark on! 


As promised, we are running some of the classic services from the Crystal Cathedral with sermons from the late Dr. R.H. Schuller. His sermons seem particularly applicable now, during this time of Corona. Did you see: Tough times never last, tough people do? Turn to our CCMSA page on the website,


and take some time off from the rest of the world for you to realize what possibilities God has in store for you!

 If you were blessed by any if the services, or if you want to help us with the care for our orphans and/or abandoned / abused  children, please make a donation!


Children are the most vulnerable during the work stoppages due to Covid 19 crisis! Malnutrition is a real problem now.