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We were at a meeting today of “The Word for the World’ which we have supported with a small donation every month for many, many years. They are involved in the transIation of the Bible in many countries & languages of the world.

I was impressed by the presentations, especially the quotation read from Mathew 24:14:

14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Jesus sort of does give us here an indication of the time for the end of the world, does He not?

From their various projections they think that the job of translating the Bible in all known languages could be finished by around 2050.  I got that this really is a very admirable and time consuming work, but, indeed, things are now being made a bit easier with the help of particular computer programs and AI (AI= Artificial Intelligence). There are some optimists – and I agree with them – who project that the date could be brought forward to 2035,

…..if all of us really can get up to speed and help those involved…???

Here is the website of ‘The Word for the World’


[I want to stress again that nobody can give the exact date for the end of the world, as Jesus specifically said that this is in the hand of the Father only]

I was just a bit surprised today that nobody at the meeting knew about our Father’s love letter which is sort of like a very, very short summary of the whole Bible. To read it, please click on the link below and please pass it on: