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Prayer for our Farmers

Hennie Pienaar posted this prayer on Landbou Sosiaal. I’d like to share it, it’s a prayer from my heart too!

My Jesus, My God, My King, My Lord, My Master, My Rabbi, My Physician, My Caregiver, My own Abba Father:

In these early hours of the morning that the thief considers his time to steal, rob, murder and destroy, I come in prayer, to you my God, and I ask you with faith and confidence to send legions and legions of Angels to every dear farmer, his family, his workers, his fields and his livestock. Make them invisible to the enemy, the thieves, and the murderers. Please intervene miraculously so that every single satanic child will flee and realize that the Supernatural is in charge. Make every farmer sleep quietly because there is a long day ahead. Please protect every dear child of You, hear my prayer Lord, hear my prayer!

I plead with you to take control of South Africa, I ask you to rule this country, I plead with You Lord to give this country back to us, Your children. I beg of You to let prosper South Africa again. I beg of You to give us leaders and a government who seek You, who put You first, who will glorify Your name again! May your Word rule in our schools, factories, businesses, and families! This country is perishing, and only You and You alone have the power, the authority to take control and save us from the enemy!

We know that with You on our side we can overcome any storm, but without You we will drown. I beg of You Lord, my God, please don’t leave us or forsake us, don’t leave us alone, keep us from being in the hand of evil any longer! I’m interceding with You this morning, for my country, my birth ground, the country that my great parents, grandparents, and my parents built with sweat and tears, where my children were born in and where we must rule as heirs and continue to live in You again.

I praise you Father, I honor you, I worship you, there is no other God but you. I will only be able to have peace in my heart and soul once I know that South Africa has turned to you again. Therefore, I turn to You and ask with a heart full of faith and hope and love that you will please hear and answer our prayer, that You will hear and answer my heart’s desire. Thank You Father, thank You and thank You again for hearing our prayer. All honor to You in the Highest Heavens and on Earth! This is my prayer in the name above all names, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen and Amen

I ask again that everyone prays with me and will share this prayer, copy and paste so that we can approach all people together in prayer to our Father. Amen
(I am sending on. Let’s all pray together)



Hennie Pienaar het op Landbou Sosiaal hierdie gebed geplaas. Ek deel graag, dit is n gebed uit my hart ook!

My Jesus, my God, my Koning, my Heer, my Meester, Rabbi, my Geneesheer, my Versorger, my eie eie Abba Vader, in hierdie vroeë oggend-ure wat die dief as sy werksure beskou, sy tyd om te moor, te roof, te steel en te verwoes,  tree ek in gebed tot U my God en ek vra U met geloof en vertroue dat U legioene en legioene Engele sal stuur om elke liewe boer op elke liewe plaas te beskerm, sy familie, sy werkers, sy vee, sy landerye, sy lewende hawe. Maak hulle onsigbaar vir die vyand, die dief, die moordenaars. Tree U in Vader sodat elke enkele satanskind op vlug sal slaan, dat hulle sal besef die Bo-Natuurlike is in beheer. So ook elke burger wat rustig slaap in hierdie oggend-ure omdat daar n lang dag voorlê, beskerm elke liewe kind van U Vader, hoor my gebed Here, hoor my gebed!

Ek pleit by U om weer beheer oor Suid-Afrika te neem, ek vra U om hierdie land te regeer, ek pleit by U Here om hierdie land terug te gee aan ons, U kinders. Ek vra U om Suid-Afrika weer voorspoedig te maak. Ek smeek U my God gee vir ons leiers en n regering wat U raadpleeg, wat U heel eerste stel, wat U Naam weer sal verheerlik! Gee dat U weer in ons skole en werke en besighede en gesinne sal heers! Hierdie land is besig om te vergaan en net U en U alleen het die mag en die krag, die outoriteit om beheer te neem en ons van die vyand te red! Met U loop ons n bende storm my God, maar sonder U in beheer gaan ons ten gronde!

Ek smeek U Here, my God, moet ons asseblief nie begewe of verlaat nie, moet ons nie alleen laat nie, keer dat ons nie langer in die hand van die bose sal wees nie! Ek tree vanoggend in my God, vir my land, my geboorte grond, die land waar my groot ouers, oupas en oumas, my ouers en hulle ouers in die sweet van hul aangesig gebou het, waar my kinders in gebore is en waar ons as erfgename moet heers sodat ons weer in U mag kan voortbestaan. Ek loof U Vader, ek eer U, ek aanbid U, daar is geen ander God behalwe U nie. Ek sal eers weer vrede in my hart en siel kan hê as ek weet dat Suid-Afrika na U toe terug gekeer het – daarom my God draai ek na U toe en vra ek met n hart vol geloof en hoop en liefde dat U ons sondaar kinders asseblief genadig sal wees, dat U my hartsgebed sal hoor en verhoor. Dankie Vader, dankie dankie en nogmaals dankie daarvoor. Alle eer aan U in die Hoogste Hemele en op Aarde n welbehae! Dit is my gebed in die Naam bo alle name, Jesus van Nasaret. Amen en Amen

Ek vra dat elkeen saam met my intree en bid, hierdie gebed sal share, sal copy en paste sodat ons hele volk saam in gebed tot ons Vader kan nader. Amen

(Ek stuur aan. Kom ons almal bid saam)




Best solution for the creation of reserve power during load shedding (Private homes)

Best solution for the creation of reserve power during load shedding (Private homes)

I think we all have to make peace with the fact that load shedding is with us to stay for a long time to come. It is when the supply of electricity cannot meet the demand. In fact, ‘rolling black outs’ recently also affected California, as demand for cooling power during summer rose. I also suspect that the grid of many countries is not up to it if all people suddenly were to decide to drive electric cars…

So what do we do?

1) Many people, myself included, have bought a patrol generator. The problem is that they are very noisy and it takes some time and manpower to get everything set up and switched on – which is a problem in itself if the black-out happens during the evenings. It is always good though, to have a generator as a back up, in case all else fails.

2) You can buy a battery supply with charger, controller and inverter – I think this comes all in one box. The batteries are charged during the day when there is normal power. When the power from the net fails, you can switch to the battery power that was saved beforehand. The problem with this system is that you only have sufficient power for ca. 3 or 4 hours, even assuming you are not running anything heavy. Unfortunately, what we have seen many times, is that after the planned load shedding, there are some of the older substations that simply broke down, unable to handle the sudden upload. It happened here in Silverton a few times after load shedding that we sat for more than a day without power.

3) I have put on 4 solar panels on the roof giving a max. of 4 x 230W and we are running our office and the radio and TV and some lights in the house now from the power of these panels. Normally the sunshine here is enough to charge the batteries sufficiently to last for the whole day and night. Besides the solar panels, you also need a charge controller (to prevent overcharging of the batteries) and an inverter to convert the DC24V from the panels to 220 Volt. The only problem with the system is:  what to do when there is no sun….?

(though most solar systems do have the option to also charge the batteries from the net, like option 2) above)

4) What I have noticed now about the weather here is that if there is no sun, there usually is wind. I was surprised to find the other day that a windmill for a private home is not really that expensive anymore. The green 5 blade windmill in the picture with a rated power of 800W comes at a landed price of ca. R4000. As you can see from the picture, it can fit in together with the solar system. You just need an extra charge controller. Besides the horizontal windmills there are now also vertical windmills that work like whirly birds. It is claimed they are less noisy and more resistant to storms. 

So, in my honest opinion, the best solution for the creation of some reserve power for a private home is a combination of solar and wind power. I have bought a small windmill now like the green one in the picture above. Apparently it has a built-in brake system if the wind gets too hard.

Truly, I am hoping that when the sun is not shining, the wind will be blowing…..(I will let you know how it all works out!)

Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Well, no doubt 2020 turned out to be quite something different than what most of us had expected at the beginning, I am sure. The latest figures for Corona are still looking good, so let us pray that it stays that way. Just to be sure, please: let us still be careful and take the necessary precautions when going out. Especially, I would avoid crowded places such as shops and malls and spaces that are not well ventilated. For those of you interested: Whether a place is well ventilated or not can in fact be easily monitored with a simple CO2 meter. Perhaps, investing in a meter like that is a good idea for churches, malls, shops, etc.

You will recall that due to the Covid 19  crisis, we had agreed to hand out R2000 extra help for each of the (20) safe homes and foster homes currently supported by Heart for Children / Hart voor Kinderen. In addition to this, we also made contributions totaling  R20000 for food parcels that were distributed to families in need by Home-from-Home (CapeTown), Rehoboth (PortShepstone) and Victory4All (Humansdorp), respectively. Note the attached pictures! Many thanks to all of you who made this possible; a special word of thanks to John, Dan and Lawrence!  

 Where do the youth go when they turn 18?

 The Children’s legislative framework only provides for the care of a child up to the age of 18. This means that a safe house/ foster home/orphanage only qualifies for financial support for a foster/orphaned child until they turn 18. It also means that foster homes and/or orphanages can only provide a home for a child until they turn 18 After turning 18, a child is on his/her own. An extension is only possible if the child is still studying. The intention is that such a youth should receive the support of a family. Most often, the only home such a youth knows is the foster home/orphanage with the consequence that the youth lands up in the streets.  

 HeartforChildren believes that the care for youth from foster homes/orphanages should continue after they turn 18. A good concept of such care is that of Echo Youth on the move. See here:  


 They have established several houses across the country where youth between the ages of 18 and 24 can find a home and the necessary care. HeartforChildren would love to establish a house on the same concept to provide a home to youth. What do you think? We will keep you updated on this new and visionary project that we want to embark on! 



 As promised, we are running some of the classic services from the Crystal Cathedral with sermons from the late Dr. R.H. Schuller. His sermons seem particularly applicable now, during this time of Corona. Did you see: Tough times never last, tough people do? Turn to our CCMSA page on the website,


 and take some time off from the rest of the world for you to realize what possibilities God has in store for you!

 If you were blessed by any if the services, or if you want to help us with the care for our orphans and/or abandoned / abused  children, please make a donation!


 Wishing you all God’s richest blessings:

Henry and Annette Pool 

Henry:     +27 (0) 836297690, henrypool7@gmail.com

Annette: + 27 (0) 834696875, annette.pool@gmail.com



























































































































































































































































































We, that is my wife and myzelf, and the other directors of Heart for Children, have identified a serious problem regarding our youth. How do we handle the children that have been fostered and that have now grown up in a safe house – or foster home, respectively, and reached the age of 18 where they can no longer stay in these homes? The problem became first apparent in the safe house in Nelmapius that Heart for Children is sponsoring where there are 3 children who have reached this age now.  We know that same problem also plays at the other homes that receive sponsorship from Heart for Children / Hart voor Kinderen (NL). We find that there is a serious problem in South Africa with the care for orphans and abandoned children once they have reached the age of 18.  We are busy to see what others are doing to fill in this gap and came across this documentary from RSG. Click on the link in the box below. 

RSG documentary: Echo / Houses of Hope

by Artist Name




I notice that the graph showing the number of new Corona patients is going down, so perhaps it is time to relax a bit. If there is one thing that all South Africans have in common, it is our love for dancing! Some people here even do a dance when they are not happy! It does not matter what type of dance is popular, we all love to give it a try, doing it together. The latest craze is the Jerusalema dance.  Before you give it a go: 

you might want to understand the lyrics. It is in fact a gospel song and it refers to the new Jerusalem that awaits us when our live here ends or when earth ends, whichever comes first…. 

[Chorus: Nomcebo]
Jerusalem is my home
Guide me
Take me with You
Do not leave me here
Jerusalem is my home
Guide me
Take me with you
Do not leave me here

My place is not here
My kingdom is not here
Guide me
Take me with You
My place is not here
My kingdom is not here
Guide me
Take me with You

Guide me
Guide me
Guide me
Do not leave me here