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Dear All,

Making and writing Christmas cards before Christmas is an old common tradition. Come Christmas time, I often take an extra turn at our post office, (still) hoping to find some cards in our box. If there are any, I am curious to know: who send them? Is it perhaps from someone that we, ourselves forgot? Let me send a card to him/her, as well; yes, that would be considered something like a duty?! Unfortunately, it seems our post office is forever in dispute with its employees and now almost everyone refers to our normal post as: ‘snail mail’. Indeed, it can now take a few months before a card reaches its destination. That requires some specific planning if you do want to send someone a card.

 In our electronic age we can now send our best wishes much faster and cheaper. It is just that the receiver can no longer hang rows of cards on the wall. What a pity. Nobody can see how popular we are…. I suppose this is not important, but I am sure some of the older people (like me) do still like it if they get the real thing. Here at CCMSA and Heart for Children, we decided to keep up with the old tradition and send all our regular monthly donors a real Christmas card. A special word of thanks here goes to Annette, Adele and Annatjie who quite literally spent a whole week making all the Christmas cards that we needed!

 On receiving Christmas cards from our relatives and friends, I could often already guess what was written on them. Still, I was always incredibly happy with every card that I got. The words are always the beautiful, good words and blessings for Christmas and the New Year. However, most of you know that that is not the only reason why we send Christmas cards. The reason for Christmas is the happy message: “JESUS IS BORN”! That is the most wonderful and beautiful message of all time and for all people. You do not keep that to yourself… you want to pass it on to all who are important and dear to you. Jesus’ message was, “I am the Light of the world”. The night is gone, the light has come, there is no fear: God is among us. His Spirit is in us. There is joy in my soul! Jesus said, for those who believe in Me, I prepare a residence in Heaven. (John chapter 14).

 I accepted this good news when I was still a teenager and, miraculously, Jesus was born in my heart. That makes me intensely happy, every day. I am hoping that this is in fact the message that is conveyed on every Christmas card that I write. Somehow I am reminded now of times gone by when we had these tickets to Heaven that showed our broadcasting times at the back. I was amazed that I still found the artwork, somewhere on my computer. Here it is: 

May I offer you one of these tickets? You do not have to pay for it, and that is a good thing because you could never afford to buy it. Truth is:  It is for free!! The only question is: Have you signed up yet? It will change your life forever.

We wish you a very blessed Christmas and a healthy and a happy New Year!!

Henry and Annette Pool