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On 27.01.2021 Pretoria woke up to hear of  the passing on of Gisela Nicholson. Although we know that she is in her heavenly home that He has prepared for her (John Chapter 14), I am sure that it has left everyone here who knew her all deeply saddened. Our sincere condolences to her son Philip and his wife Penny (Philip is a board member of both Heart for Children and Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA!), and her daughters Rhoda, Miriam and their families.

I last saw Gisela when I delivered the calendars that she had bought in support of our charity, Heart for Children. My wife and I were surprised when we also saw her at the recent wedding of  Antoinette van de Meulen. This was just before the corona. It appeared that, like us, she also supported the “Word for the World” who does Bible translation work, that Antoinette is involved with.

What can I say about Gisela? I think she really belongs in the Hall of Faith that Paul speaks about. She was a hero. She never complained about anything. She had a heart for people and gave her time to all ministries that happened to cross her path. I first got to meet her and Kenneth when she wanted to help the prison ministry that both myself and Philip were involved with. 

I am sure that one of the things we discussed at that time in Sinoville, and subsequent later meetings, was the type of  interaction we should take when first approaching and befriending a prisoner, by letter writing and visits. In fact, from those meetings, this letter may have found some of its origin: 

Letter to a prisoner (Prison Ministry)

 I invite you to watch Gisela’s  memorial service (see below). You will be amazed by the goodness of  Gisela’ s heart and how many charities, missions and ministries she was involved with. After the service, I realized that in a way she and myself had been much alike. Before 1995, we had both spent a lot of time trying to convince our spiritual leaders that apartheid was wrong and it seems we suffered exactly the same frustrations in trying to get things straight…. 

It appears that the last mission that Gisela was helping, was under the impression that the money they received came from overseas funders, when in fact it had really been coming from her own pocket…..Can I propose that we honor Gisela’s life by making a donation to this charity? Bank details of Lefika Camp Site of the Jubilee Hospital in Hammanskraal: 

Account Name: Lefika Camp

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: 210648

Account Number: 62027561051