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On behalf of the children, we would like to thank all of you for your contributions to Heart for Children made this year. Despite difficult circumstances due to Covid 19 we were able to keep up the assistance to all the children that we have committed to. May God bless you richly for your faithful donations!

We, that is, me, Annette and Philip Nicholson, recently visited the safe house “Share Tears and Grow” here in Pretoria that receives sponsorship from Heart for Children.

 Above are a few pictures of the children currently in the care of Jochi Maidi, the house mother. Although Jochi only has space for about 12 children, she now has between 18 and 20 children in her care. This is due to the growing number of children that are being left homeless due to, amongst other reasons, Covid and/or the Covid-related delays at the courts. We discussed the possibility of trying to find funding for a bigger place for Jochi. We thank God that she herself has recovered fully from Covid 19.

We also noticed that there is a need for educational and durable toys such as Duplo or Mega, wooden block box sets, colouring books (&pens/crayons) and puzzles; these would challenge the children’s imagination and stimulate their skills in engineering and eye- and hand coordination. We would appreciate donations from our donors in this regard, whether it is 2nd hand toys in good condition or a financial donation. It would be great if we could surprise each of our homes with a parcel of good toys like that.

This time of the year, for the benefit of all our orphans and abandoned children, we are selling the Flowers of South Africa 2022 Calendar. How wonderful to celebrate Spring 2021: the flowers are here! It is the A4 format calendar that opens to the big A3 format. This seems to be the size preferred by most people. We believe it is always an ideal gift. We are asking for a donation of R170 per calendar. Please use the bank account of Heart for Children to make payment: Heart for Children, FNB Cheque 62215969116 (The code for FNB internet banking is 250655)

 Please let us know, if you, or perhaps just even someone you know, would like to order some of these calendars from Heart for Children? Many thanks for your support. You can send us your orders by e-mail to: henrypool7@outlook.com

Note that due to circumstances, we have not been able to broadcast a program from Crystal Cathedral Ministries (CCMSA) for some time. However, we will resume our broadcasts as soon as possible. We are still getting a surprising number of views! It will soon be available again on our CMMSA page, here: https://breadonthewater.co.za/

We very much appreciate those of you who still contribute to CCMSA to keep these broadcasts going. This also helps us greatly in keeping our office costs for Heart for Children to the bare minimum.

Wishing you God’s richest blessings!


Henry and Annette Pool



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