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It is a bit of a tradition here now that come my birthday we take the first step in our pool.  Unfortunately, this year the water was really too cold…..

We did take the plunge a few days later, though!

Contrary to popular belief, temperatures in South Africa have not increased over the past 40 years.  On average, they stayed more or less the same.

In fact, minimum temperatures here in Pretoria have dropped by about 0.8 C compared to 40 years ago. I suspect this is the reason for the pool water being too cold on my birthday (We don’t have a pool cover).

A few years ago, I wrote a report about the subject of temperature in South Africa. If you are interested (Farmers!) you should read this:


Pity I never got a reply from the government/ANC.

Never mind that, compared to many countries overseas,  we should count ourselves blessed with the weather that we do have. I think warmer is still a bit better than cooler?

It is always good to remember that no matter what many people say or think, and no matter how turbulent and upsetting the weather sometimes can be: God is in control. He is with us in His boat called Earth! He is the only one who can see the end and the beginning at the same time.

Wishing you all a blessed Spring!

Henry and Annette