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CLINTEL’s Message to National Politicians and World Leaders at COP 26

The big climate picture tells us that we are slowly moving – through ups and downs – to the next ice age. The current warming from the Little Ice Age is very beneficial to humanity and nature. Enjoy today’s relatively favorable climate! Sometime in the future, we will move into a colder phase again and eventually into the next ice age.
Hard facts show that global warming is NOT catastrophic, so there is NO climate crisis. Therefore, stop with your scary messages. Fear always leads to wrong decisions and above all, it obscures the minds of our youth. Instead, inspire them with a positive outlook on the future!
The big climate picture also tells us that extreme weather – consisting of heat waves and cold fronts, droughts and floods, hurricanes and snow storms, etc. – is an integral part of the Earth’s climate. Stop selecting weather events that depress young and old! It also leads to erroneous policies.
For many decades, observations have shown that the IPCC’s climate models misrepresent science. The reality is that changes in CO2 emissions have only a modest effect on Earth’s weather and climate. The reality is that sea level rise has been stable for centuries. So no reason to panic.
CO2 is not a polluting gas. It is essential for all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is good for nature and makes the earth greener. It is also good for agriculture, as it increases crop yields worldwide (see Figure 1). With more CO2, we can fight hunger in the world better.
Stop slavishly following the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. The agreement is based on fear and will only make the world poorer. Instead, develop concrete adaptation plans in collaboration with the regions. Global mitigation policies cost an exorbitant amount of money and have never saved a single life. National adaptation plans are very effective, whatever the causes of climate change may be (see figure 2).
Wind and solar energy can only play a small role in the energy transition. Use clean fossil fuels for increasing energy needs, especially in developing countries. Meanwhile, work together worldwide to develop the nuclear power plants of the future, along with new storage and transport technologies. It will result in greater prosperity and well-being for all.

Figure 1 : CO2 is not a polluter. It is essential for all life on Earth. More CO2 is good for nature and it makes the earth greener. It is also good for agriculture; crop yields are increasing worldwide, allowing us to better fight hunger in the world.


Figure 2 : Climate-related deaths have fallen by more than 95% in the past century thanks to increasing prosperity! Mitigation policies do the opposite, because it destroys wealth. Investing in adaptation always works, whatever the causes of climate change may be.


See also CLINTEL’s World Climate Declaration (WCD), www.clintel.org

On behalf of the CLINTEL ambassadors and WCD signatories,

dr. AJ (Guus) Berkhout, President of CLINTEL

Emeritus Professor of Geophysics

Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

Senior Member of the Dutch Academy of Engineering (AcTI)