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This article came about from thoughts that I had after reading Cees Lepair’s article: ‘The Great Reset’. See here: https://www.clepair.net/greatreset2.html
My great thanks to him for allowing me to copy some of his work. He quotes the sources at the end of his report. It appears he is also in possession of some communication between the Dutch government and the World Economic Forum which included the statement:
“The Forum will work with your staff to ensure that your participation becomes a major force in shaping the Great Reset’

I think most of you have realized by now that you cannot really rely on TV, radio and your newspaper or on-line news source anymore to tell you what is really happening in the world. It is therefore better not to waste any money on it. Truth is that most of the media are now owned by the richest people on earth and they dictate what you will read, hear, and see.

I am sure you all remember Joseph Goebbels who was the Chief of Communications for Nazi Germany. Apparently, he once said: ‘Propaganda works best when those that are being manipulated are confident that they are acting out of their own free will.’

Here is some news that you will never get to read in the media:

The skewed distribution of wealth in the world is accelerating. It leads to a world populated by the dispossessed and ‘have-nots’  who are ruled by a small financial elite. It is measured by the GINI factor. Gini Index Definition (investopedia.com)

In assessing what is happening, we can start our research by making a few assumptions that do not differ much from the current state of world affairs as measured  by trends from the available sources:

1) The total wealth of the world is now around $9.2 * 10^13. That amounts to a total average of $11500 per world resident.

2) The top financial elite consists of 2000 people, who together own 20% of the total wealth of the world, so that is $18400*10^9. That amounts to an average of 18400/2000 = $9 billion each. ($1 billion = $1000 million)

3) We assume that the wealth of the world is growing by 1% annually. After x number of years, it will therefore be $9.2*10^13*1.01^x

4) We assume that the ownership and wealth of the elite grows by 10% annually as it usually does. That wealth is therefore after x years: $184*10^11*1.1^x.

Somebody who knows the math can do the calculation and solve x for me? For x=19 years, the total wealth of the world in 3) will be equal to the wealth of the rich as accumulated in 4)

So, with these assumptions, and if the trends remain the same, the conclusion is that in 19 years’ time, all property and wealth will be in the hands of the 2000 richest. The other 8 billion inhabitants of the earth will then have nothing, and they will have nothing to say. And the funny thing is, the have-nots will think that this is good and that it has grown this way all by ‘itself’……

Last night I saw it in my dream. The well-known graph of the GINI index in the form of a cartoon and now with ropes on the curve to pull it to the straight (GINI index = 0) by people clearly from the left camp. Others stood smiling by and looking sympathetic with their hands in their pockets watching this scene. They didn’t have to do anything because they knew that the curve is determined by human character and that a mechanism of ‘money makes money’ is embedded in the current economic systems so that the curve will always tend to shift more and more stronger to 1. Without forcing it as in the dream, the curve can be determined by a change in human doing and thinking. However, this requires awareness that can only grow in a stable situation. And it is no surprise that the present time cannot be seen as stable.

A Few Ideas, to bring the GINI Index Down

  • Reduce taxes for the poor, like Value Added Tax and no VAT on food and basic necessities like fridges, stoves, heaters and fuels.
  • Reduce taxes for the middle income earners to stimulate the economy. They are the ones who will buy stuff and keep everyone working.
  • Increase the taxes of the wealthy sliding up to 70-75% per annum depending on income
  • Property taxes must be coupled to income / wealth, rather than area
  • At the end of the tax year, wealthy people should be taxed against the value of the shares they hold, not just be taxed through Capital Gains tax if and when they sell shares.
  • Salary structures inside companies, organizations and local and national government must be reviewed asap to bring the GINI index down. Senior management /directorship are mostly grossly overpaid compared to their inputs.
  • Energy is the engine of all production. Be hesitant to believe in the The Green Illusion | Bread on the water
  • Do not summarily believe the media in what they say. A quick and sensible way to prevent the coming slavery without much unrest is to deprive the financial elite of its control over mass communication.

Only when the masses understand in time the mechanism behind the present – and coming events –  can they act against the real evil i.e. too much power in the hands of too few people.