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Add your voice against the Climate Change Bill

If you want to prevent that a carbon tax is levied on all fuels, make sure that your voice is heard before 27 May 2022. Use this link to vote against the bill:



As an example, a  copy of my input is below.

Dear Ms AF Muthambi, MP Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Environment, Forestry and Fisheries,

c/o Ms Tyhileka Madubela..

No I do not support the proposed Climate Change Bill (B9 — 2022), as introduced by the Minister on 18 February, 2022.

My top concern is Definitions and interpretation.

I am an independent researcher on the climate change issue and I am opposed to the climate change bill 2022 for the following reasons: 1) See the objections I also made to the bill that was proposed in 2018 to which I never received any official reply: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tps2cd4kuds8o6g/SUBMISSION%20by%20Henry%20Pool.docx?dl=0 My results over the past 4 decades actually show little or no climate change in South Africa and the Southern Hemisphere in general. https://breadonthewater.co.za/2021/11/25/an-inconvenient-truth/ 2) There is evidence piling up showing that more carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air may in fact not be the direct cause of global warming. https://breadonthewater.co.za/2022/03/08/who-or-what-turned-up-the-heat/ 3) More carbon dioxide does in fact cause more greening and this traps some heat. https://breadonthewater.co.za/2022/01/10/global-warming-due-to-ehhh-global-greening/ 4) The latest IPCC assessment is biased and not based on realistic observations: https://breadonthewater.co.za/2022/04/28/a-bridge-too-far-climate-models/ 5) My main concern is that the so-called ‘green’ alternatives are completely inferior and not sufficient for SA needs. See: https://breadonthewater.co.za/2021/10/09/the-green-illusion/ In the last three links, there are some video’s. Please take the time to watch these as they will open your eyes. I am pretty sure that after you have seen these videos, you will not sign this bill. Greetings, Henry Pool https://breadonthewater.co.za/blog/ Cel. +27 (0)836297690 henrypool7@gmail.com

Henry Pool

Make your OWN masterpiece!!

Whether it is music or songs you write, whether it is needlework or artwork or any other product that you make, whether it is research work or anything you write that you think is important: Make it your own MASTER piece. Essentially, there will always be people  who like your work and those who will despise it. The message that the lady gives that the only thing important in life is what YOU yourself think of your work…..


I am sure that, like me, you are pleased to see that all Covid rules are being retracted so that we are now all able to celebrate Easter the way we were used to, by being able to visit church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and reflect on the unmatched expression of God’s unconditional love for us: Jesus dying on the cross and rising again on Easter Sunday, so we could be reconciled to God as sons and daughters in His Kingdom (John 3:16). 

I have made a small collection of thoughts on Peter’s denial of his faith in Christ and then his subsequent affirmation of that faith in Him! See here:

Peter: from Denial to Affirmation | Bread on the water

No matter what anybody tells you, always remember that the Gospel – the Good News (from God) to announce your salvation –  is absolutely for free!! It does not cost anything. The price was paid by God Himself. This is what we celebrate on Easter day!

The Gospel is for Free! | Bread on the water

We also have brought back the passion play “The Glory of Easter’ as performed in the Crystal Cathedral many years ago. We had previously broadcast this play in 3 half hour pieces but we were now able to show it on the internet in one program. It is the first video, please click here:

CCMSA | Bread on the water

We want to thank you very much for your faithful donations and contributions. I am pleased to say that despite Covid we still have been able to keep up with our commitments. However, it is true that we lost one big donor recently due to circumstances beyond our control and we are concerned about inflation, what with the war still going on in Europe. As it stands at the moment we cannot consider any increase in expenditure for Heart for Children. May we ask you to prayerfully consider if you can perhaps afford to adapt your contribution?  For those of you that do not yet make a regular monthly contribution: we hope and pray that you will consider doing this. The need is really very big. There are many reports coming in now saying that since Covid many more children are ending up on the street again. By making a regular monthly contribution (any size) we can plan our support for the children’s homes much better. To see the homes that Hart voor Kinders / Heart for Children currently is supporting, see here:

OUR BENEFICIARIES | Heart for Children

To make a donation now, click here:

DONATE | Heart for Children  May God bless you richly for any contribution you can afford to make.

We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Passover and a very blessed Easter!!! Please drive carefully and stay safe. 

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What climate crisis?

What climate crisis?

Fig. 1: The HadCRUT4 dataset, shows no global warming for almost eight years!

The media tell us almost every day now that we have a global warming problem due to our emission of more carbon-dioxide (CO2). Let us just look at the extent of the ‘problem’. Since 1979 we have satellites doing the global infra-red temperature measurements (UAH). See here ‘The linear warming trend since January 1979 stands at +0.13 C/decade (+0.12 C/decade over the global-averaged oceans, and +0.18 C/decade over global-averaged land)’. Before the satellite time, we had people looking at thermometers in a number of places on earth. In Fig.2 below I show the global results from Hadcrut4 as measured and reported.


The trendline is down. In other words, there was no warming from 1935 to 1979. The 1935 date was chosen because of the length of the Gleissberg solar cycle which is ca. 87 years. I would expect that over the length of the period 1935-2022, deltaT should be 0. Assuming that our temperature on earth is dominated by this weather cycle, we note that the extra warming from 1935 until now other than from solar forcing is in fact not more than 0.5C, in total.  This is really the maximum extent of the ‘problem’, as anyone will find it. We must place this amount of warming in context with the fact that the accuracy and recording of temperature in the past was not as good as it is now. Also, that the extra 0.5C warming of earth is not unprecedented in the history of earth, e.g. see here 

The HadCRUT4 dataset, now at last updated to the end of 2021, shows no global warming for almost eight years! I think that this observed pause (Fig.1) is significant and I would have thought that it should be celebrated. It means that the projections by the IPCC of the warming of earth of 1.3K for the period 1991 to 2030 could be grossly overestimated.

[IPCC (1990, p. xxiv) confidently predicted 1.8 K global mean anthropogenic warming from 1850-2030, of which 0.5K had occurred by 1990 (Morice et al 2021)]

I wonder why the climate activists and the mass media are all quiet about this good news? With these results in mind, should we really place the progress of mankind in the balance by spending more money on the The Green Illusion | Bread on the water?