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So let me get this straight :
We are a nation that accepts pornography but hates the abuse of women?
A nation that does not believe in gender but fights for women’s rights?
We are a nation that believes no child should be left behind but we have aborted over 60 million?
We are a nation where soldiers have died so our flag could fly over a freed nation but then we give the title ‘heroes’ to wealthy athletes who kneel in disrespect?
We are a nation where political parties ignore the corruption in their own party whilst condemning the corruption of the other.
We are a nation of laws, yet we are a nation where the law only applies if you are not politically powerful.
We are a nation that has “In God We Trust” printed on our money but we have the ACLU suing people who make His name known in public.
We are the “greatest nation” on earth, yet we consume more anti-depressants then any other nation in the world…
We are a nation that pledges “we are one” yet we are a nation of aggressive division.
And so, now we wonder why there is so much confusion in the world?