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First, we whish you a prosperous and healthy 2021!

If you had not yet read my thoughts for Christmas 2020, you can click on this link: Christmas message

I am sure that our prayers for health this year are more important than ever before, as the Corona virus is lurking nearer and nearer around us. Most of you have heard of someone near you that is affected by the disease. Let us all please adhere to the rules and let us all pray for the right kind of medicine and that a vaccine will be available soon. Sadly, we heard from Port Shepstone that one of the relief workers at the Rehoboth Children’s village has passed on, due to Covid 19. May we also request your urgent prayers for Jochi Maidi, who is the mother of the safe house in Nelmapius. She has tested positive and she is now in isolation.

Many thanks!

The Children of the “Share tears and grow’” safe home in Nelmapius, led by Jochi Maidi , showing the presents they received this year from Heart for Children.

You will recall that in our last  newsletter we mentioned the problem of children reaching the age 18. Unless they are full time students, they must leave the foster or safe homes that they are currently living in. In fact, we have such a situation right now in several homes, including the safe house of Jochi Maidi.

The dream of Annette and myself is for Heart for Children to establish a new young adult’s home similar to the Houses of Hope from echo. However, I am sure you will understand that for this we would need a lot of money and the time to raise it. In the meantime, we are sitting with an immediate need that has to be addressed. We will therefore investigate if our children can be placed in one of the Houses of Hope where they can get support in a similar type of family set up as what they were used to. Our idea is to try and join hands with  echo and sponsor Houses of Hope with a small amount of money each month where these young adults can be placed. This sponsorship can then be discontinued if the young adult leaves the home. May we ask for your (extra) help for this? If you share our concern for these children, and if you would like to make a (or an extra) monthly donation for this, in the reference for payment, please mention: your name + the word “young adult”. Thanks!

We want to thank you for your wonderful support in the past and, again, we wish you God’s richest blessings for the year ahead.