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Following our petitions about this to the Pretoria Council a very nice entrance has been made to the Magaliesberg Park at the John Vorster Technical School in 30th Avenue, Wonderboom South. There is a school path over the mountain for learners that connects Wonderboom with Wonderboom South. There are a number of long and winding trails along the hills that can be used for walking, hiking and biking. My favorite path takes you over a large portion of the Magaliesberg with beautiful views of both sides of town, left and right, namely on the one side is the City Center, (see pictures) and on the other side is Wonderboom/ Sinoville/  Pretoria North/  Onderstepoort. This trail is a walk of approximately 3 hours. The climbs and descends are generally quite gentle, suitable for average hikers like myself. There are of course shorter hikes for the elderly and those who are not so fit.

Especially in October the Jacaranda’s are showing the awesome purple colors of the trees lining the streets.

Are you in Pretoria and interested in viewing the whole city from the top of the mountain? Come hiking with Henry!

What is required is good hiking shoes and good protection against the sun (+hat). Bring your own fruit, sandwiches and water that you may need along the way, To make an appointment you can send an e-mail to:  henrypool7@gmail.com giving me your contact details and then I will contact you! Alternatively you can send me an SMS to 0836297690.


Dogs just love it up here!!