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By James Taylor


One of the saddest developments that has occurred in the last decade is the extent to which mainstream media and government-run schools and colleges have acted together to deny the American public, especially young people, access to objective information about climate change.

An entire generation is being brainwashed into believing long-debunked claims about an impending “existential climate crisis,” the presence of increasingly severe hurricanes and tornadoes, rapidly rising sea levels, and countless other dubious predictions of future climate catastrophes.

Moreover, the vast majority of American youth are completely ignorant of the fact that tens of thousands of scientists believe — and, more importantly, piles of scientific evidence that shows — that humans are not creating an existential climate change crisis.

We will not stand idly by as these misconceptions continue to sing. Rather, the Heartland Institute is taking action to tell American students the truth about global warming and climate science.

You can download and read the book: “Climate at a Glance”  for free by following the link below and then clicking on the relevant button for the downloading of the whole book in pdf. format  (remember: this will take some time).

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