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If you want to prevent that a carbon tax is levied on all fuels, make sure that your voice is heard before 27 May 2022. Use this link to vote against the bill:



As an example, a  copy of my input is below.

Dear Ms AF Muthambi, MP Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Environment, Forestry and Fisheries,

c/o Ms Tyhileka Madubela..

No I do not support the proposed Climate Change Bill (B9 — 2022), as introduced by the Minister on 18 February, 2022.

My top concern is Definitions and interpretation.

I am an independent researcher on the climate change issue and I am opposed to the climate change bill 2022 for the following reasons: 1) See the objections I also made to the bill that was proposed in 2018 to which I never received any official reply: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tps2cd4kuds8o6g/SUBMISSION%20by%20Henry%20Pool.docx?dl=0 My results over the past 4 decades actually show little or no climate change in South Africa and the Southern Hemisphere in general. https://breadonthewater.co.za/2021/11/25/an-inconvenient-truth/ 2) There is evidence piling up showing that more carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air may in fact not be the direct cause of global warming. https://breadonthewater.co.za/2022/03/08/who-or-what-turned-up-the-heat/ 3) More carbon dioxide does in fact cause more greening and this traps some heat. https://breadonthewater.co.za/2022/01/10/global-warming-due-to-ehhh-global-greening/ 4) The latest IPCC assessment is biased and not based on realistic observations: https://breadonthewater.co.za/2022/04/28/a-bridge-too-far-climate-models/ 5) My main concern is that the so-called ‘green’ alternatives are completely inferior and not sufficient for SA needs. See: https://breadonthewater.co.za/2021/10/09/the-green-illusion/ In the last three links, there are some video’s. Please take the time to watch these as they will open your eyes. I am pretty sure that after you have seen these videos, you will not sign this bill. Greetings, Henry Pool https://breadonthewater.co.za/blog/ Cel. +27 (0)836297690 henrypool7@gmail.com

Henry Pool