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Fig. 1: The HadCRUT4 dataset, shows no global warming for almost eight years!

The media tell us almost every day now that we have a global warming problem due to our emission of more carbon-dioxide (CO2). Let us just look at the extent of the ‘problem’. Since 1979 we have satellites doing the global infra-red temperature measurements (UAH). See here ‘The linear warming trend since January 1979 stands at +0.13 C/decade (+0.12 C/decade over the global-averaged oceans, and +0.18 C/decade over global-averaged land)’. Before the satellite time, we had people looking at thermometers in a number of places on earth. In Fig.2 below I show the global results from Hadcrut4 as measured and reported.


The trendline is down. In other words, there was no warming from 1935 to 1979. The 1935 date was chosen because of the length of the Gleissberg solar cycle which is ca. 87 years. I would expect that over the length of the period 1935-2022, deltaT should be 0. Assuming that our temperature on earth is dominated by this weather cycle, we note that the extra warming from 1935 until now other than from solar forcing is in fact not more than 0.5C, in total.  This is really the maximum extent of the ‘problem’, as anyone will find it. We must place this amount of warming in context with the fact that the accuracy and recording of temperature in the past was not as good as it is now. Also, that the extra 0.5C warming of earth is not unprecedented in the history of earth, e.g. see here 

The HadCRUT4 dataset, now at last updated to the end of 2021, shows no global warming for almost eight years! I think that this observed pause (Fig.1) is significant and I would have thought that it should be celebrated. It means that the projections by the IPCC of the warming of earth of 1.3K for the period 1991 to 2030 could be grossly overestimated.

[IPCC (1990, p. xxiv) confidently predicted 1.8 K global mean anthropogenic warming from 1850-2030, of which 0.5K had occurred by 1990 (Morice et al 2021)]

I wonder why the climate activists and the mass media are all quiet about this good news? With these results in mind, should we really place the progress of mankind in the balance by spending more money on the The Green Illusion | Bread on the water?