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True enough: in recent decades we have seen many improvements because of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Don’t  we  just all love our mass-produced cars, communication devices and other products that we have grown used to over the years because of improved technology? However, it seems that we quickly do forget that the improvement in productivity also wiped out many, many jobs, especially the manual jobs. For example, I remember that 25 years ago they employed more than 3000 people at BMW here in Rosslyn. Nowadays, it appears they have only a fraction of those people (300?) at work, and, working various shifts they even produce more cars now then what they did 25 years ago…

Not that I mind this increase in productivity, it is just that I worry about the amount of people being left without a job. For example, a profession that is currently all but forgotten is that of being a typist…I remember a time when we had a secretary in the office who typed all our reports!!

Note that AI is now taking a leap. Most recently I noticed on various TV news channels that a trend with leading studies in AI is coming from an unexpected source: the rich Islamic middle eastern countries. For example, look at this this website and video:


What really struck me the most in this video is the way AI is being employed to recognise and identify people. Ultimately this can be used of course to control all people, especially to identify the ‘undesirables’, like, for example, those still believing in Christ and thus refusing to follow any other religion, e.g. the Islamic faith.

Yes, it seems to me we are getting closer now to the time of the last anti-Christ. The Islamic faith is beginning to get a firm grip on many western countries despite the fact that it clearly discriminates against women.

From my various investigations into climate change, I can easily predict major food shortages in the decade that is to come, e.g.


and flowing from this might be the call again for someone great who can ‘fix’ our problems. For a person with much knowledge in AI, it would seem to ordinary people as though he/she is performing miracles, right in front of our eyes, would it not? Isn’t that what the bible predicts?

Are we living near to the end of time?